Work well done speaks for itself

Tilakarhut designed Serres Oy’s previous office interiors. Thanks to fruitful cooperation, Tilakarhut was invited to revisit when it was time for Serres to move to new premises.

When you open the door in Spektri Business Park in Espoo, you face a fresh mint-green wall.

“This is the tone that follows our brand,” says product manager Virpi Metsäranta. “Many have complimented us for the use of color in our interior design.”

In addition to green, the new premises show Serres Group’s orange and the blue tone of Vieser, a company that is part of the Group.

Colors are a great addition but the most important aspect to remember when designing offices is functionality and comfort, Metsäranta notes. Serres’s sales, marketing and administration teams work in the Espoo offices.

“We did not even consider an open office but decided to give everyone their own room.” There are four official meeting rooms and then some cosy shared spaces for non-formal and internal meetings. Project efficiency

Virpi Metsäranta was the Serres contact person to design the new offices together with Tilakarhut. She is very pleased about how easily and quickly the project was carried out. She did not sacrifice her normal work tasks while overseeing the design project.

“An empty space was move-in ready in about three months. There was no unnecessary hassle about making decisions. Tilakarhut gave me suggestions to choose from. They were all functional and in line with the Serres brand. Some of the suggestions I liked immediately, and some required a bit of fine-tuning.

“Tilakarhut’s project manager attended all meetings with the builders. Tasks were carried out as agreed with no extra costs.

“They also kept to the schedule without problems. Tilakarhut explained what to do and in what schedule, and that is what was done.”

Serres, biggest in its business in Europe

Serres Oy is a Finnish company specialized in suction systems for surgical operation rooms. It is the biggest provider of its field in Europe and the second biggest globally.

Serres manufactures all of its products in Finland. It runs two factories: one in Kauhajoki and another in Saarijärvi, offering work to a significant number of local people.

The sales of the suction systems indicates strong growth on the international market. Suction bags are exported all the way to China. The company aims at global market leadership and is about to start promotion in the United States.

Serres received and internationalization award from the president of the Finnish republic in November 2015.


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