Vattenfall makes room for Scrum

Today people at Vattenfall work following the Scrum methods of agile development. This requires changes in the premises.

Scrum increases speed, flexibility, productivity and quality in an organization. It also improves the motivation and atmosphere at work by advancing cooperation among the employees.

“We started agile methods simultaneously in Sweden and in Finland,” says Vattenfall CEO Elina Kivioja.

The company moved to its current premises in the Pasila district of Helsinki eight years ago. The space remained as it was in that time when freshly hired CEO took her first tour around the location about one year ago.

“The offices needed a pickup and some brand identity,” says Kivioja.

Space for the teams

According to Elina Kivioja, agile operations and Scrum methods require that changes are made in the offices, too.

“Scrum highlights the need for staff workstations. Work is done in teams, and team members must sit close to each other. Matters are handled within the team from start to finish, and communication must be extremely open,” Kivioja says.

“Our current strategy is very community-oriented, and we need more group space than ever. Each team has their own daily stand up where they discuss the agenda. For these moments, we needed peaceful nest-like rooms.”

“Inspiration must be made easy at work,” Kivioja continues.

One step at a time

Elina Kivioja reports that the 70 Vattenfall employees in Finland have welcomed Scrum with enthusiasm.

“However, we constantly monitor whether we’re going in the right direction. If not, we’re prepared to make adjustments.”
The same goes for the renovated premises.

“We have now piloted the new premises. When one conventional office corner was completely renewed into a shared space, employees were eager to use it. Renovation continues one space at a time. As a next step, the meeting rooms will look more like Vattenfall. We also need more comfortable rooms for group work.”

The first phase of Vattenfall office renovation took place in the summer of 2017.

“Tilakarhut took care of the design and project management so smoothly that our work was not disturbed at all. I believe that further renovation will happen equally efficiently as long as we know what kind of premises we want.”


  • One of the largest retailers and producers of electricity and heating

  • Main markets include Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and Sweden.

  • The Group employs circa 20,000 persons, of which 70 in Finland.

  • Parent company Vattenfall AB is completely owned by the Swedish government.

  • The third largest electricity trader in Finland, Vattenfall provides power all over the country excluding the Åland islands.

  • Vattenfall runs nine hydroelectric power plants in Finland.

  • The Group’s net turnover in 2016 was SEK 152,667 million (EUR 164,510 million).


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