Spacious and Comfortable Open Office

When looking for new premises, translation and interpretation service provider Semantix focused on location and modern space solutions.

Semantix is the largest provider in its field in the Nordic countries. In Finland, the company employs approximately one hundred persons with a turnover of circa 20 million euros. Lately the company has experienced notable growth in the number of personnel.

“The increasing number of refugees arriving in Finland has significantly pushed up our interpretation assignments. In addition, our translation business is steadily growing,” says Mika Molander, CFO of Semantix.

Spacious and Comfortable

Semantix’s previous premises in Vallila, Helsinki, became too small as the number of personnel grew.

“We were primarily looking for more space in the districts of Vallila and Pasila in Helsinki. In addition to the location, our criteria included modern space solutions and comfort,” explains Mika Molander.

They did indeed find new premises just a couple blocks from their old offices. In November 2016, the staff of about 80 employees moved into the new premises of about 1,600 square metres.

“Half of the furniture was moved over from the old offices and half is new. Tilakarhut’s design combined old and new furniture and adapted them into the work stations and meeting rooms.”

“It was easy for the moving company to put all furniture in place, and the move was fluently done over a weekend.”

“Now we have rather spacious work stations. We have plenty of space for potential future personnel. Tilakarhut also had this in mind when doing the design.”

Open Office by the Sea

Semantix resides in a large open office. The random visitor is surprised how quiet it is for an open office.

“It is important in our business to avoid noise drifting from one desk to another as well as echoing,” says Mika Molander.

This was solved by acoustic paneling in the partition walls and by textiles, such as wall-to-wall carpeting. Attractive details include the floor coloring: the aisles are dark while the desk areas are light.

Otherwise the theme of the interior follows the Semantix logo that depicts a compass.

“Compasses are closely related to seafaring and lighthouses. A lighthouse is the last thing you see in your home country and the first thing you see at the destination. It gives hope,” Mika Molander says.

This is why there are large pictures of lighthouses and a genuine nautical chart of the Baltic coast on the walls at Semantix. Meeting rooms have been named according to the outer archipelago of Finland.


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