Procountor – more ready-to-use space fast

Procountor is rapidly increasing the number of its personnel, so they needed new office space with haste. In just a couple of months they were able to occupy an expansion of 460 square metres. “All spatial design was done in 3D. Illustrative images help anyone perceive how the space will actually look. This kind of visualization is not possible using floor plans,” says Jasmin Kuittinen, Head of Finance and Administration.

Jasmin Kuittinen, Procountor


Procountor Oy

Procountor is a leading Finnish provider of accounting software. The company offers cloud-based software and related services with one licence. More than 16,000 companies and 600 accounting firms use Procountor software. The company and its circa 100 employees are located in Keilaniemi, Espoo. Procountor also employes people in other Nordic countries.

Spatial solutions

Spaces for various work situations

Procountor’s new premises encompass work stations behind partition walls, meeting rooms, and open spaces for more relaxed meetings and staff events. The walls were painted with Procountor’s brand colours. Furniture follows the same style that has been used in existing premises. This allows moving furniture from one place to another and utilizing old furniture that has been stored away.

The Space Makers

Project management:
Kai Björn

Project Manager:
Mimosa Miuccio

Mimosa Miuccio ja Samu Halmetoja