Office renovation moves from opposition to alliance

According to our experience, in office construction and renovation projects, the client and their designers and inspectors sit on one side of the table and the contractors and the subcontractor settle down opposite them.

However, in order to achieve a successful result for all parties, it would make more sense and effect to pursue a round-table model. Everyone would work for the common goal, not opposing each other or seeking their own interest only.

As the leader in space transformation, Tilakarhut strives to implement a genuine round-table way of working. Once we learn the wishes and needs of the client, we decide what kind of a team is the best for their project. Optimally, the people gathered around the table possess the best expertise for the project. The design and production team consists of persons named and committed to the project rather than certain companies. Together, we agree on the approach and related details. We hope all participants to benefit from the project and to share potential risks.

Building projects require several different professionals, and centralized project management is responsible for an accurate data flow. After approving the plans, only the professionals required in each design and site meeting are invited. This helps avoid unnecessary meetings, minutes and emails. Yet everyone is kept up-to-date about the progress throughout the project.

The clients and partners of Tilakarhut understand the round-table model as it translates into prompt projects and cost savings.

Total cost savings and short project cycles are the most important issues for the client. To them, renovation is just a necessary step towards better business operations.

For designers and contractors, a prompt projects means efficiency which translates into better cash flow and margin. If the round-table model does not work, someone in the team is blowing their own horn. This can cause extra costs for the client or financial problems for the contractor.

Efficiency and a positive attitude

It is our passion to make office renovations more effective and to bring a more positive attitude to design and job sites. Our core competence is total service, of which the renovation or construction only form one – yet perhaps the most demanding part. Authorities, architects, interior designers, structural and mechanical engineers, superintendents, inspectors, IT specialists and future users of the premises do not “speak the same language” by nature, and they need to be motivated to perform and provide their very best.

Business space transformation always involves much more than construction. Changes in the organizational or business model, puchases of furniture and equipment, moving process, budgets, safety and access control, work ergonomics, and the versatile design of the whole physical work environment, just to mention a few.

We want to be fast like bears. The objectives of a space transformation do not always require massive plans and expert opinions, building permits or contracts. Our work mainly consists of quick planning, furniture purchases, and surface repairs that only require a word from the client – all the rest is up to us.

Kai Björn

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