No compromise between squality and speed

Procountor is rapidly increasing the number of its personnel, so they needed new office space with haste. In just a couple of months they were able to occupy an expansion of 460 square metres downstairs of their existing offices.

Procountor is a leading Finnish provider of accounting software and a pioneer in its field. The company has held premises in Keilaniemi, Espoo, since 2012. In that year Procountor took over 585 square metres on the 6th floor of the office building, and in 2015, they renovated an additional 585 square metres on the 5th floor, connecting to existing premises with a staircase.

“This spring we realized that we needed more space again,” says Jasmin Kuittinen, Head of Finance and Administration at Procountor. She is also responsible for the premises. Luckily a space of 460 square metres became available on the 2nd floor of the same building. This space allowed a rather fast renovation to meet the needs, wishes and visual requirements of the company.

“I was looking for a design agency based on websites, and Tilakarhut (‘Space Bears’) caught my attention because of their fun name,” Jasmin Kuittinen recalls.

Effective implementation

Procountor decided to lease more space in May, and the premises needed to be ready for use in the beginning of September. They had to roll up their sleeves right away. The walls were painted with Procountor’s brand colours instead of the dark blue and gold tones of previous tenant. The floors received carpeting in the same colour as had been used on the 5th floor.

“Floor material makes a big difference. On the 6th floor, we did not change the carpeting, and the atmosphere there is completely different,” Kuittinen notes. Procountor’s request was to decorate the new premises with furniture as similar as possible compared to existing floors.

“This allows us to move furniture from one place to another and also to utilize old furniture that has been stored away.”

What you see in 3D is what you get

The new floor of Procountor encompasses various spaces: work stations behind partition walls, meeting rooms, and open spaces for more relaxed meetings and staff events.

“All spatial design was done in 3D. That means illustrative images for anyone to perceive how the space will actually look when finished. This kind of visualization is not possible using floor plans,” Jasmin Kuittinen says. Overall, she is very happy with Tilakarhut cooperation.

“We wanted to make changes to the plans as we went. Samu Halmetoja came here when necessary, and we discussed solutions together. We changed our minds about furniture placement, and Mimosa Miuccio had to update her drafts quite many times,” Kuittinen laughs.

At the moment Procountor employs more than 100 persons in Espoo. They are prepared to continue growth.

“We have plenty of free work stations available now and some space that has not been furnished yet. No matter which team is the next one to grow, we will have enough space for everybody.”


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