HS Works offices highlight openness

A “human sized” IT company, HS Works wants to operate openly both with customers and among colleagues. This is obvious looking at their new offices, too.

Located on Kuortaneenkatu in Helsinki, the HS Works offices greet you with an exceptionally spacious and breezy lobby. The grey wall-to-wall carpet features a playful keyboard pattern. It’s easy to guess what business is in question: information technology.

“We provide IT services for companies and home users alike. Our competence covers hardware deliveries and installations as well as technical support,” says sales director Mika Lausamo to summarize HS Works operations.

Away from the street level

According to Mika Lausamo, HS Works’ business is growing steadily.

“We have about 20 employees and plenty of work to do,” he says.
HS Works was previously located in the Pikku-Huopalahti district, at street level on the ground floor of an apartment house.

“Street level has its pros and cons. On one hand, it’s easy for the clients to drop by, but on the other, we used to receive random streetwalkers, too. The premises were not as good as new either.”

The company started to look for new offices in the autumn of 2016.

“We cooperate widely with Tilakarhut, and they helped us to find this space. It felt natural to ask them design the space while we were renovating,” Lausamo says.

HS Works moved into its new location last May.

Plans that fit like a glove

Mika Lausamo says that HS Works presented Tilakarhut with their wish list and requirements.

“We wanted a spacious, open office. The Helpdesk and technicians have their own compartments, but the rest of us function in the open office without dedicated desks. Our prerequisite was to be able to enter the storage with an elevator because we frequently handle many kinds of items.”

“We also wished for a modern look and feel.”

This objective is apparent looking at the 400 sqm office. HS Works’ company colour is green, which has been used in an ample yet temperate way. Openness is highlighted by the glass walls in the meeting rooms. This spacious office can easily accommodate more employees should recruitment become necessary.

“The first draft was good as such and addressed our wishes. We were able to move to the next phase with surprisingly small changes,” Mika Lausamo applaudes.



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