Why leading companies choose Tilakarhut to transform their premises?

The days of renovation confrontation are over

Traditionally in construction and renovation projects, the client and their designers and inspectors sit on one side of the table while the contractors and subcontractors settle down opposite them. Tilakarhut wants to apply the round table model. No one is set against one another but we’re sharing a common objective. All participants must benefit from the project without any hoarding, and the risks can be shared.

This alliance type approach has created good results in the construction field. Whenever possible, and not restricted to construction projects, Tilakarhut applies the round table model in its role as the project manager. Profitable cooperation makes satisfied customers.

Customer satisfaction is our best reference

How do we know that our customers are happy with the project and its results?

They want to continue work with us in the next project. Most of Tilakarhut customers turn to us anew when they need a professional partner to design premises and implement changes.

Tilakarhut customers know that we understand their business and take it into consideration in the design. Efficient, attractive premises support the company’s strategy and mode of operation. An attractive space creates a positive atmosphere.

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All-inclusive service starts from project management

Tilakarhut is the leading renovator of business premises because we offer the most integrated service model for their users. This is why many leading companies of various fields choose Tilakarhut as their partner. Everything we do is solution oriented and flexible.

Our solutions are based on your needs and managed in a centralized way so that you only need one partner for the project, Tilakarhut.

Our all-inclusive service covers everything from consultancy, design, construction and furnishing to moving, cost monitoring and reporting.

Tilakarhut provides a wide and established network of top professional designers and builders.